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Your New Website Design Calgary Professional

You’re trying to make more money for your business but your current website and online presence isn’t helping you overcome the sales and marketing challenges of doing so. The solution to overcome those common business challenges is to work with a trusted website design Calgary professional whose mission is to advance your sales and marketing efforts so you can grow and expand your business by increasing your customer connections and revenue through a standout online presence and a website that's actually going to help you get more leads. A Calgary web design company with a twist. Save thousands with a wildly affordable Calgary website design subscription and get lifetime edits and hosting for less than $100 per month. Want a web designer that’ll offer lifetime edits without the wait? Want to the freedom to cancel or pause your Calgary web design subscription at anytime without losing your website? Want to save thousands of dollars every year on your website and marketing costs? Want a custom SEO website design Calgary that will propel your business to new heights at an insane return? Look no further! This plan is perfect for you, especially if you want a robust website in less than 10 days after signing up. Just hit the button below to get started with your Calgary web designer!

  • A website will put your business online and in front of customers who are constantly searching for the services or products that you offer, leading to new business opportunities and company growth. A website can target high quality employees leading to better teams for your business. Calgary web designers can help create your online salesman as it’s answering common questions and reducing the doubts and fears that a customer might have when looking to make a hiring decision, leading to more sales and growth opportunities. A professionally designed website builds trust within your customers which can easily generate more sales for your business. A website can directly help you business appear larger than you are, making it easier to grow as a business.

  • Customers won’t know about you if they can’t find you online. A website is going to improve the chances that your business is found by a customer online, thus improving brand awareness. A website can be used for online advertising and promotions in order to improve brand awareness and market reach. Your website is a resource to customers by answering common questions about a service or product that you offer. A website can directly help improve your business reputation by helping you look more professional and trustworthy online leading to more attention and awareness from customers.

  • An increase in online visibility = more potential sales. A Calgary website design is showing all the good stuff about your business leading to more trust from customers and better reputation, therefore greater sales potential. As long as you have a quality web designer maintaining your website, almost no time or effort has to be put in by you once your website is built - it’s working in the background as the salesman for the business. A website design in Calgary can help you standout from the competition leading to more attention from customers and greater sales potential. A website can result in more leads for your business, providing you with more opportunities to take on higher paying customers. A Calgary website designer can reduce the overall workload for you as a business owner, and you can focus on more revenue-building activities.

  • Your website is directly communicating with your ideal customers in a way that is going to gain trust while improving your reputation. If you're based in Calgary, having a website is directly placing your business into a marketplace loaded with ideal customers in need of your services or products. A website can result in more leads, providing you with more opportunities to filter out non-ideal customers. Start by contacting your website designers Calgary to get started on your project!

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happy clients

some of my awesome web design & SEO clients

Since starting a web design & development business in early 2020, I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of industries on their website and SEO services, including construction & home services, lodging, automotive, manufacturing, engineering, health & wellness, fine arts, advertising, and more. Below are a few of those lucky clients!


Real Results For Calgary Web Design Services & Local SEO

Working with your new adept Calgary web design services provider means it is completely up to you on how involved you would like to be on your next website, landing page, eCommerce, or SEO project. Some clients love when I take full control of their website design or SEO campaign because it’ll be unique and spot on to your branding. Other’s love a more collaborative approach that is taken for the overall look and feel of their new website, or SEO campaign messaging. Either way, the priority remains: you will see real results come from getting an expert to improve your website, SEO, and online presence.

  • Victoria Preissl KLAAD Glass Ltd.

    Aaron listened to our feedback, answered our questions, and brought his expertise. He also referred us to a computer tech that helped us set up Microsoft 365, Sharepoint, shared data files, Outlook, etc. Aaron was friendly, timely and totally fun to work with. 60 days after lauching, the site generated a 16x increase in online inquiries. I would recommend Aaron, and have, to anyone looking to increase their business visibility, website traffic, professionalism, credibility, and most importantly, revenue! Read more...

  • Rob Thiessen 3'D Revolution Technologies

    I really enjoyed working collaboratively with Aaron. He's very adept at what he does, and efficient as well. I also appreciated the professionalism he brought to my online communications with clients. His advise was always solid and thoughtful, and with his help I've been able to communicate my unique business and value proposition to clients much more effectively. This includes website and direct communications. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Aaron Tonner Web Solutions to other business owners! Read more...

  • James Ross Royco Electric

    Aaron's professionalism and confidence made for an easy decision. With very little input on my end his initial design and layout was spot on to our branding. Aaron handled our changes and suggestions almost instantly and was always patient and willing to go the extra mile for our needs. I highly recommend Aaron to any business not only looking for a great website but to increase revenue and exposure. The tools he installed have already increased our customer connections. Read more...

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Web Design in Calgary?

Transform your website into a revenue generating machine! Don't settle for a website that's going to sit there doing nothing for you. Hire your new web designers Calgary to captivate your audience while you outshine, outrank, and outperform your online competition... in your sleep!

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calgary web design benefits
Web Design Done Right

The Benefits Of Hiring Me As Your Calgary Web Designer

  • results based calgary website design services

    Results-Based Solutions

    I am confident that you will begin to see results for your business 90 days after working with me on your Calgary website design, SEO, and online visibility efforts. Here are a few results I’ve gotten for past clients: helped a client in the construction industry double their website traffic for increased sales, helped a business receive funding from investors and acquire multiple international clients for their professional IT services. Recently helped a glass contractor 16x their bookings.

  • website design calgary, ab services

    Your Web Design Cheerleader

    Let's face it - building a website can be stressful. But when you work with me, I'm here to make the process as fun and enjoyable as possible. I'm like your personal Calgary website design cheerleader, rooting for you every step of the way. I'll celebrate your victories with you (like when your website traffic starts to soar) and pick you up when you're feeling discouraged (because I know how tough the online world can be). And if you're feeling stuck creatively, I'll be happy to brainstorm with you and come up with fresh ideas that will make your website pop. With me as your web designer, you'll feel confident and motivated to take on the digital world.

  • web designers calgary

    Not Your Average Website Designer

    I take pride in being anything but ordinary - breaking the mold of traditional Calgary website design services by injecting personality, creativity, and even humor into my work. I believe that web design doesn't have to be boring or stuffy, and I'm not afraid to take risks and try new things. With me, you'll get a website design in Calgary that truly stands out from the rest.

  • calgary website design

    Focused On Relationships

    I believe that the best Calgary website design is a result of strong relationships. That's why I don't just build your website and leave you in the dust. I'm here for you every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the launch of your website and beyond. I'll work with you to make sure your website stays up to date and meets your changing needs as your business grows. Plus, I'm not impossible to get intouch with - I'm always just a phone call or email away if you need me. You'll not only get a great website design in Calgary, but you'll also gain a long-term partner who's invested in your success.

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Recent Projects

Get The Perfect Website For Your Business

Below are a few recent Calgary Alberta website design and development projects that I’ve launched to help local businesses just like yours grow and expand their online presence and get seen by more customers that are searching for their services on the internet. Simply click on the images below and you will be taken to the corresponding live website.

There's more where that came from! Contact me to see more of my work.

unlock web design calgary
The Aaron Tonner Web Solutions Difference

Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Calgary Website Design

It is my mission to help local businesses grow and expand their operations, look professional and trustworthy online, boost their sales, and get better customers while cutting down on time needed to book new clients through my Calgary website design services.

  • You can read past client reviews, or check out my portfolio to see how I’ve been doing this. On your search for an affordable and trustworthy Calgary web designer, you will notice that most companies are looking to just provide you with a pretty website. Here at Aaron Tonner Web Solutions, I certainly aim to help your business look professional and trustworthy online, but it’s not just about that when you work with me on your web design and web development Calgary needs. It’s about asking you the right questions prior to starting your project that enables me to learn as much as I can about your business goals and challenges. I use this information to determine how a website and marketing solution can truly help you succeed in reaching your business goals. That’s what sets me apart from the other top Calgary web designers.

  • So, whether your goal is to grow your business, increase your revenue, build better teams, get better customers, increase brand visibility, or all of the above, I’m going to come up with an affordable web design Calgary solution that’s tailored to helping your business get massive results! That’s the Aaron Tonner Web Solutions difference.

  • The websites I build are intended to help my clients increase the amount of leads their website is generating. This is done by combining effective design with a strategic SEO campaign that gets the attention from your customers.

  • Your website is meant to grow with you. The lifetime edits you'll get for your website enable you to keep your customers up to date as your business evolves. This is especially helpful for SEO purposes as Google also loves to see that your business is relevant. Even the small changes to existing content can go a long way in helping you attract new customers online.

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high performance web design calgarycalgary websites
SEO-driven web design

Elevate Your Online Presence with Expert Web Design and Compelling Content

Are you seeking exceptional web design in Calgary that not only captures attention but also drives results? Look no further. I believe in the power of combining outstanding website design with high-quality content to create a digital presence that stands out amidst the competition. When it comes to crafting an exceptional website, I believe that aligning the approach to the website design Calgary project should be centered around what the client prefers. Some people love to be a part of the design and devlopment process, having a close eye on how things are progressing, others love the hand me the keys and let me do my thing - either way, I'm here to help. Just ask my awesome clients who have experienced firsthand the seamless integration of their vision with my expert web design services Calgary. Like a finely-tailored suit, my web designs are meticulously crafted to reflect the unique essence of your brand. As one client put it, "Over the past year, we've collaborated closely with Aaron to develop an exceptionally comprehensive website." I not only embrace your concepts but also offer invaluable insights and recommendations to elevate your online presence and website design. I understand that a visually stunning website is only half the battle. That's why I place a strong emphasis on content writing that captivates, informs, and converts. My dedication to excellence doesn't stop at design; it extends to every word I meticulously craft. As another client puts it, "His advice was always solid and thoughtful, and with his help I've been able to communicate my unique business and value proposition to clients much more effectively." My track record speaks for itself. Clients have seen tangible results, from a 16x increase in online inquiries to a significant boost in revenue. One client even noted, "60 days after launching, the site generated a 16x increase in online inquiries." My holistic approach to Calgary web design and content writing ensures that your website not only looks stunning but also performs optimally, driving traffic, engagement, and conversions.

Ready to take your online presence to new heights? Don't settle for mediocrity when you can have excellence. Contact metoday and experience the difference firsthand. Let me turn your vision into reality, guiding you every step of the way to success. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your business with expert web design and compelling content. Reach out now and let's create something extraordinary together. Your digital journey starts here.

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Looking for
Web Design in Calgary?

Transform your website into a revenue generating machine! Don't settle for a website that's going to sit there doing nothing for you. Hire your new web designers Calgary to captivate your audience while you outshine, outrank, and outperform your online competition... in your sleep!

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high performance web design calgarycalgary websites
Drive Your Sales And Growth

High-Performance Custom Website Design Calgary

I have been highly reviewed after working with a variety of industries including tech startups, ecommerce businesses, home renovators, electricians, concrete contractors, 3D printing shops and other professional service providers. If you’re looking for reputable website design companies in Calgary, you have met your match! It is my goal to create an outstanding website design that will help grow your business by getting more visibility and search traffic from quality customers online. Your customers and clients have high expectations for your online appearance and it’s important that you stand out from your local competition with a custom website design. I’m not just going to choose a random template builder and throw your information into it. Whether you’re due for a redesign, or a new website altogether, I’m going to come up with a custom web design Calgary solution that your customers will love and remember. An outstanding website will not only help you get recognized, it will help you land bigger and better sales for your business. The process that your new Calgary website designer has perfected over the years includes optimizing the web page for a fantastic user experience and user interface meant to optimize customer conversions directly through your website. The goal is to help you make sales in your sleep!

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mechaniccalgary web development services
Make Customers Fall In Love With You, FAST

Calgary Website Development Services For Wicked-Fast Websites

As your full-service web consultant, I provide high-quality Calgary web development services that will bring the design to life on a fully-functioning and error-free, wicked-fast website that provide an insanely friendly user experience for customers to remember you by. Along with website speed and performance optimization, my Calgary web development process includes responsive CSS for a mobile-friendly design that will add to a great user experience for your customers. I will have a live website staging link that you can use to check in on the progress of your project at any time. Along with that, I also provide weekly progress updates in order to keep you fully in the loop on your Calgary website design and development project.

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calgary website development servicescalgary web hosting services
Maintain Customer Trust

Website Maintenance, Updates, & Hosting

I provide regular website maintenance and updates to ensure that your customers remain up-to-date as your business evolves. Updating the content on your site builds trust between you and your customers. If you’re in need of website maintenance services Calgary, get in touch with me today! Not only will you receive 5-star customer service from your web designer Calgary, you’ll also be provided with free website hosting solutions through the use of Netlify and Github. The combination of these technologies provide fast, secure, and reliable website hosting solutions that takes the work off your hands.

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seo services calgarycalgary seo services for website

Calgary SEO Services

Need website SEO support service in Calgary Alberta? Included in my website services are image optimization and semantic HTML and quality code to make it easier for your business to be found on google. Along with that, I optimize page layout and create compelling SEO content and other internet marketing services to help increase your website visibility on search engines like google and bing. I’ll set up google analytics for your website to monitor user engagement and interaction data, as well as submit your sitemap to the google search console so your new Calgary website design will get indexed by google to show up in the organic search engine results page (SERP) and local map pack.

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out of this world affordable

Calgary Web Design Prices

At this point you’re probably wondering, “how much does a website cost in Calgary?” Here I will briefly discuss how my calgary web design prices are justified. One of the first pieces of information I’d ask about is what your customer lifetime value is. Knowing what the total worth of a customer is to your business over the entire period of your relationship with them is an important metric to illustrate how I determine a suitable cost for your website to yield a positive return on your investment. My Calgary website design prices are determined by a few additional factors that we can dig deep into on a discovery call: your business goals and challenges. The #1 focus when it comes to determining a Calgary website design cost is that it will result in a positive return on your investment. Every business is different which means website costs are always different. If you would like to discuss the above points to learn more about how I can help your business and to determine a web design investment level that aligns with your goals and budget, send me a message to arrange a quick call or to get quote.

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    Get your custom website with a built-in SEO plan for maximum online visibility.

    • Ongoing SEO
    • Custom Website
    • Lifetime Edits
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    Get Started Today

Looking for
Web Design in Calgary?

Transform your website into a revenue generating machine! Don't settle for a website that's going to sit there doing nothing for you. Hire your new web designers Calgary to captivate your audience while you outshine, outrank, and outperform your online competition... in your sleep!

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Get The Answers You Need

Frequently Asked Calgary Website Design Questions

As a business owner, I understand that hiring a Calgary web designer can feel like a daunting task. You may have many questions and concerns about the process, pricing, your involvement, timelines, what you're responsible for, processes, and more. That's why I've put together this FAQ section to help answer some of the most common questions I receive from my clients before, during, and after building their website.

  • Typically, a new website will cost you somewhere between $4K and $50K, depending on the type of website and project size. However with my unique Calgary website design price package you can spend as little as $100 per month to get your website which includes lifetime edits!

  • Easy answer: as involved as you want! Some clients love to sit back, relax, and enjoy the process of having their website built without lifting a finger. Other clients love having a say in the look, feel, and aesthetics of their new website design Calgary. Either way, my clients have always reported loving the process, while respecting the fact that I will provide insights to their suggestions in order to maintain a great user experience for their online customers.

  • Oh heck yes! With more than 60% of customers initially using their phones when looking for a new service provider or online products, it's imperative to the success of your website design that we consider the experience that these mobile-users will have while scrolling your website by creating a mobile-friendly (or mobile-responsive) layout.

  • You bet. I'm a strong believer of being a results-oriented Calgary website design company. Implementing even the most basics of SEO in the initial build of your website will propel you far above your online competition. Why? Because a lot of Calgary web design companies are just that - designers and developers without the time for SEO. In fact, before even getting started on building your new website, I spend the first 2 weeks doing an SEO deep dive to analyze the best possible keywords to implement on your website while creating a content strategy on how to use those keywords in a way that maximizes your visibility and profit. If you want a more in-depth explanation on how I implement SEO on your Calgary website design, don't hesitate to contact me!

  • Most of the time, no. It's important that the industry-expert (you) craft the content in an informative and educational manner to provide maximum value for your customers. However, I understand that you have more important activities to spend your time on which is why I'm connected with multiple talented website content writers in various industries of expertise. Furthermore, if you have an existing website, I will restructure the content from there in a more engaging and SEO-friendly way. If you have a website that already has a decent amount of SEO content (1,000+ words), you are likely ranking on Google for some of your service or product keywords naturally. In that case, it's important that we consider this SEO data as we may be able to target "low hanging fruit" (keywords that are ranking somewhere between the 1st and 30th positions) for the best possible early-stage results with your Calgary web designers.

  • Your new web page design Calgary will be live within 10 days of signing up! This is amazing because a typical Calgary website design company might spend the better part of 3 - 6 months building out your site - I can say this because that used to be me! Now, with a new way of providing custom web page designs to my clients, your website can be ready to start making sales for your business in no time!

  • Yes you will. Most of the websites I build are set up in a way that enables my clients with access to a commonly used content management system to add or edit website content (service page text, about page content site images, web page blogs, etc). However, you will only have access to the content itself. The websites are custom-coded (yet hooked up to WordPress for content management), so only with advanced HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills will you be able to edit the web page design and functionality of the website.

  • Lucky for you, your affordable Calgary web design subscription includes all hosting and server management costs! However, I have had clients in the past who tell me horror stories about being "locked in" to extreme contracts where they were paying more than $600 CAD just to have their website hosted! That's not how I roll, you will have 100% ownership of your design files, website code, domain name, hosting account, contact forms, SEO content, and web page images for the amount of time you're signed up.

  • Absofreakinglutely. I'm a strong believer that your website design will "grow with you" which is why I never leave my clients in the dust after designing and developing their website. Anytime you have an update to make on your Calgary website design that you don't want to handle yourself, I'm just a click away to make that happen. You'll get lifetime edits available to you with your new subscription - so you don't have to worry about using up hourly services. Common Calgary website maintenance requests include SEO content additions, web page image additions, new service pages added, new SEO location pages developed, website design tweaks, contact information updates, social media link additions, website speed improvements, and much more to stay competitive online.

website tools & technologies

web developer Calgary preferred tools

Your web developer Calgary uses only the best tools and technologies to get the job done right. I install and set up the only marketing tools you'll ever need as a business owner: Google Analytics and Google Search Console. From the time your Calgary web development project takes place to the time it's launched, you'll be set up with foundational marketing tools such as keyword rankings, number of phone call clicks, user time spent on each page, and far more. I use the most basic website development Calgary coding languages (CSS & HTML) that gives your website the upper hand on competitors - Google loves the 'unbulky' code so its robots can scan your website to understand it's contents in record time. I combine HTML and CSS with Sass so I can whip up the modern Calgary website design faster than my fingers can keep up with! When it comes to website SEO Calgary, I combine top-rated tools such as Semrush, Brightlocal, and Ahrefs to cover all the gaps and make sure your website content and backlinks are far and beyond that of your online competition. When it comes to setting up your developed website backend for easy client-management and content edits, DecapCMS is my preferred choice. It's so intuitive for anyone who needs to sign in to manage their website content, and it prevents Google from getting lost in the millions of unnecessary files that your typical WordPress website designer Calgary uses. That's the Aaron Tonner Web Solutions way of doing things right!

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